Layperson’s RTA: Tenancy Agreements

An apartment building near Huntington Park in ...

10. A landlord CAN ONLY use the following to select tenants: income information, credit checks, credit references, rental histories, guarantors.

11. (1) Landlord is required to notify new tenants of rights, responsibilities, and contact information for the Landlord-tenant board.

11. (2) The above information must be provided on or before signing a tenancy agreement.

12. (1) Every tenancy agreement must include the name and address of the landlord.

12. (2) Landlord must provide a copy of a written tenancy agreement to the tenant within 21 days of signing.

12. (3) If the tenancy agreement is not in writing, landlord shall provide their legal name and address to tenant within 21 days of beginning a tenancy.

12. (4) Unless the above is provided, the tenant is not obliged to pay rent.

12. (5) When the above is provided, tenant shall pay all rent that is due to landlord.

13. (1)  and (2) A tenancy agreement begins when tenant is allowed to move in regardless of whether the tenant chooses to move in on that day.

14. Any tenancy agreement clause which prohibits pets is void.

15. (very convoluted and I don’t understand it myself)

16. If landlord or tenant loses money because of breach of tenancy agreement, the other party must try to minimize the financial loss.

17. Common law rules apply to tenancy agreements.

18. (I don’t understand this either)

19. Frustrated Contract Acts apply to tenancy agreements.


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